February 13, 2015

Changes are part of life

Osho Zen Tarot card ‘Change’ 

This Osho Zen Tarot card (nr. X from the Major Arcana) tells us that our life is constantly changing and teaches us how to deal with that. On the card you can see a picture of a rapidly rotating 'wheel': the 'wheel of our lives, that is constantly changing our lives.

Afraid of change?

Want to leave everything the way it is?

But what if you do not want a change in your life, because you find everything the way it is okay and you want to leave it as it is? 

Maybe you are you going to cling to the edge of the 'wheel'. Chances are you are dizzy and nauseous, or even worse: you fail to hold you and you fall into that infinite space, so you no longer are able to determine your own direction.

Turn round and round

Stay close to yourself

More likely you'll feel much better if you quietly stay in the middle of the 'wheel'. From there you can become aware of the changes taking place, and decide what to do with it. In that way you remain true to yourself , and that is good to know, right?
'Life' means 'movement', and therefore change, whether we like it or not...

Natural changes through the year
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